Working Groups

Chemical Working Group

Serves as a forum for the interchange of both technical and programmatic information, as well as for networking and sharing new ideas in the areas of electrochemical energy storage and conversion.

Electrical Systems Working Group

Covers research and development programs in power conditioning systems (PCS) for generation, storage, transmission and distribution, pulse power, motors, generators, and actuators.  The systems aspect of the group focuses on complete electric power/energy systems from source to point-of-use including architectures, components, and control systems.

Mechanical Working Group

Covers energy conversion to electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic energy.  This includes working fluids, materials, heat transfer processes, generator sets, and other components of mechanical conversion systems regardless of energy sources.  Thermal management, fuel effects, and advanced cycles are also part of this group’s focus.

Renewable Energy Conversion Working Group

The Renewable Energy Conversion Working Group encompasses all aspects of renewable energy technology, and the use of these technologies in a wide range of applications from portable power, to off-grid power stations, to grid connected systems. The group has a primary focus on solar energy conversion which includes photovoltaic cell, panel and system technology for both space and terrestrial applications. Other technology areas of interest include: thermal energy conversion, wind and hydro power, kinetic energy harvesting, and biomass conversion.