The Interagency Advanced Power Group (IAPG) is a federal membership organization dedicated to the facilitation of information exchange in areas of advanced power technology.

The group emphasizes program coordination and dissemination of technical information among the member organizations to increase the effectiveness of government programs, avoid duplication, identify gaps and maximize success in research efforts in the fields of advanced power.

IAPG’s vision is to be the premier leadership organization for coordination, collaboration, and exchange of information for advanced power research and development within the U.S. government. The IAPG will also be a proponent of federal investment in these advanced power technologies.

Member Agencies

Formed originally in 1958 to fulfill a need in coordinating government research and development power programs, the six current member organizations continue this tradition of cooperation.


The IAPG is overseen by a Steering Group consisting of one principal representative and one alternate representative from each member agency.

Interagency coordination and information exchange are primarily conducted in the working group venue. These working groups focus on specific technical areas and report to the steering group. Working groups are added or removed as program and technology dynamics change. Members may be active in as many working groups as their agencies find beneficial.

In addition, IAPG has a partnership agreement with the Propulsion & Power Systems Alliance (PPSA) to share information about advanced power.

For a handout-styled version of the IAPG, please feel free to download the IAPG Flyer (.pdf).